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Okayama Travel Support Discount Reiwa Extended until July 14, 4 (Checkout on July 15).

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    Reservation / accommodation period:From May 23, 4th year of Reiwa to July 15th, 4th year of Reiwa for Checkout

    Discount amount:5,000 yen discount for accommodations of 10,000 yen or more per person per night
       :3,000 yen discount for accommodations of 6,000 yen or more per person per night
    Sightseeing coupon:2,000 yen per person per night

    【Important】All travelers are required to show a vaccination certificate (3 times) or a negative certificate (test result notification).

Stay, taste, and be healed in an old Edo (time period) house

  • Traditional old private house that served as Wakimotojin

    The Sanyo Road (Saigoku Kaido) in the Edo time period was a highway under the direct control of the shogunate.
    Yakageya flourished together with the Daimyo 's Commuter Interchange System as the eighteenth Shukubamachi of the road.
    And the present Yakagecho is one of the leading towns in Japan, where the characteristics of the cityscape at the time are still left in a healthy form.

    As the succession of this historical property and the cultural industry of Yakagecho,
    We were able to regenerate the old houses as “YAKAGEYA Main Building” and “Yakageya Bathing Annex”
    Various cuisines are served for each season taking advantage of local ingredients, relaxing time at Satoyama,
    And I touch on the culture of Yakagecho,
    We look forward to welcoming you with extraordinary hospitality.

Enjoy the atmosphere beyond the time of four hundred years

  • Staying at an old private house in Edo (time period)

    Please come with my precious person
    Return will be more important person

    Yakage-ya is, the main building 6 rooms, a warm bath annex 8 rooms, Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon, Kura INN 7 rooms, all 28 rooms of the Kura INN family crest 6 rooms.
    Western-style rooms with different layouts and Japanese-style rooms,
    Even if you stay overnight, you can enjoy a different feeling.

Taste Setouchi boasted dishes

  • Taste Setouchi boasted dishes

    YAKAGEYA Main Building the Restaurant "Kachofugetsu" YAKAGEYA Main Building Restaurant "Kachofugetsu"
    Please enjoy the seafood in Setouchi and Japanese cuisine using local vegetables.
    You can enjoy.

Healed with hot water from yakakeya

  • Healed with hot water from yakakeya

    There is a one-day hot spring in the Yakageya Bathing Annex Hot Spring Yakageya Bathing Annex
    There is calcium carbonate hot spring.
    In addition, we offer a "rock bath" that warms you from the core of your body.
    Please relax and calm the daily fatigue ...


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Hotel Name

Yakage-ya, Inn and Suites


3050-1 Yakage, Yakage Town, Oda County, Okayama Prefecture

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It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Kurashiki Fine Sight District, about 50 minutes by car from Onomichi, Tomo-no-Ura, about 10 minutes by car from Sanyo Highway Kamogata IC on Sanyo Highway Kamogata IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Ibara Railway, Yakage Station※At any time
Sanyo Main Line Shinkurashiki Station North Gate※Pick-up time Please choose one of 13:30, 15:30 and 17:00.

※If you wish to transfer, please make a reservation in advance.
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Guide within this facility

  • Information on Yakage-ya facilities (Check-in location)

    To staying guests
    Please note that the check-in location varies depending on the room you stay.

    Guests staying in the rooms of the "Main Building" and "Hot Bath Annex" should go to the "Main Building Information Front Desk"

    For guests staying at Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon" and "Kura INNGo to "Akatsuki no Kura Check-in Counter" (* entrance on the shopping street side)
    Please come to each.

We will provide you with memorable surprises.

  • Special time with loved ones

    Order cakes to send to loved ones.
    Would you like some cake for your birthday or anniversary celebration?
    You can prepare cakes and bouquets according to your stay.

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