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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check-in location

    To staying guests
    Please note that the check-in location varies depending on the room you stay.
    Customers staying in the main building roomContinue reading
  • Bathing facilities of guests staying are free of charge

    All guests staying at Yakage-ya “Main Building”, “Yakage-ya Annex” and “Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon” are free of charge.
    (Including rock bathing)
    Continue reading
  • The whole building free WIFI is available.

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and facilities.
    Please use it on your smartphone · tablet · wireless LAN installed PC etc.
    Regarding coContinue reading
  • About basic check-in and Checkout time

    In principle, check in is at 15:00 and Checkout 11:00.
    That it may differ depending on the accommodation plan, please check each accommodatiContinue reading
  • Basic pick-up place and time.

    The pick-up location is Ibara Railway Yakage Station and JR Shin-Kurashiki North Exit.
    Ibara Line Yakage Station is available at any time, Continue reading
  • About parking lot

    All parking lots for customers staying in Yakage-ya are free. There is no need for reservation.
    We are guiding the parking lot adjacent to Continue reading
  • About the use of electronic cigarette (including IQOS) in guest room

    Smoking devices that do not use fire, including IQOS, may be misleading to other customers, so use in all rooms is prohibited.

    We apologizContinue reading

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