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What is Albergo Diffuso?

  • A major characteristic of Albergo Diffuso is to make the village as a hotel as a hotel and create a sustainable city. For example, we will create a reception desk for receiving accommodation facilities, restaurants and various services using historical buildings and vacant houses, considering the area within 200 meters as the hotel premises. Because historic buildings and empty houses differ according to region and climate, they become apartment type for family use which refurbished old mansion, or cave residence from over 500 years ago. This "stay as if I live in a village" is now drawing attention in Europe. It is because we can spend leisurely leisurely as residents of the village by staying in a residence that was in the village for a long time.

    The second feature is that you can receive high quality service. The chain-deployed hotel offers uniform and professional service, but in a small village it offers polite and kind service of the village. In the restaurant, the menu consists of local cuisine using regional colors, and devised to deepen the impression that you visited. You can experience warmth as if you were living in a hotel that does not interfere too much at hotel stay. Also, in each village activities are prepared so that you can experience the land. Some have a beauty salon and a spa, so you can enjoy a relaxing stay just like a hotel. Also, for those who want to enjoy the outdoors, there are opportunities to experience bicycles, walks with hiking, Italian cooking classes and so on. In addition, there are places where a large number of adults such as wedding parties and meetings can gather.
    (Excerpt from guide published by Ryobi Tours Tutta Italy Company)
  • In June 2018, Yakage-ya Inn Albergo Diffuso Association was officially certified by the Albergo Albergo Diffuso Association Asia's first Albergo Diffuso (distributed accommodation).
    In addition, at the same time related facilities, as a group also Albergo Difuzo Akatsuki no Kura, which consists of a building loan of Bitchuya Kura INN · Akatsuki no Kura, also certified the entire Yakagecho is as Albergo Diffuso Town received.

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