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Information within each facility

Information of the main building

  •      Lobby & Bar
         Edo time period the old private house making plaster to recall the Edo time period
         Once you step in, welcome you in a modern space.
  •      CAFE &BAR Ebisu
  •      Banquet room Hiroshige
         For family meals and meals for important customers,
         It is the best room for banquets with relatively small number of people.
           Capacity 15 people
  •      courtyard
         Relaxing space to be lighted up at night
         Also at the venue for events and entertainment
  •      THE KURA
         It is a building whose one warehouse was refurbished as the name suggests.
         You can also use it by charter.
  •      2F Gallery
         Free space on the second floor of main building lobby &Bar Ebisu
         You can use it widely, including seminars and conferences.
  •      Edo (time period)'s Nishiki 100 yen store (100 Yen shop)
         Mini 100 yen shop that collected "I would have been nice" on the road
         The southernmost part of the main building, open on the first floor of the room "foliage" facing the national highway!
         There is also an old-fashioned "bad candy" corner!
  •      A candy corner in a 100 yen shop
         Combine 10 yen, 20 yen, 30 yen and make it 100 yen

Information on the hot bath an annex

  •      Yu no Hana Onsen
         Calcium carbonate hot spring with its open-air bath.
         Yakage Ishi"rock bath" using Yakage Ishi.
  •  "Yakikake Japanese Restaurant in Post Town"
          Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine
          Yakage are few Western style shops in Yakage
      Contact TEL:0866-84-1212

          Lunch from 11: 00 to 15: 00 (LO 14: 30)
          Dinner from 17:00 to 22:00 (LO 21: 30)
  •     Annex check-in counter
        As soon as entering from the parking lot side
  •      "Warm bath an annex" middle passage
         The end of the noren is a large bath

Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon

  •       Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon
          It is an entirely old private house lodging accommodation building that is located east of the main building
          Please use for accommodation in large numbers
  •      One building rental hotel "Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon"Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon you can enjoy the garden

Kura INN

  • From the main building to the east, the eastern side of “Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon”, a renovated former rice storehouse
  • Alley on the east side of Kura INN Overlooking south The Kura INN single room building on the right is Kura INN Kamon on the left
  •      Storehouse Kura INN located at the intersection of alley and alley
  •      Compact but within the necessary and sufficient facilities

Kura INN family crest

  • Newly opened following the Kura INN family crest, “Main building” “Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon bath annex” “Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon” “Kura INN”
  • Kura INN family crest, Lobby Entrance
  • 1st floor 3 rooms, 6 rooms on 3rd floor

Akatsuki no Kura

  •      "Akatsuki no Kura"
         Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon with customers looking for lodging an Kura INN is a check-in / Checkout here.
  •      Akatsuki no Kura
         Breakfast venue of staying with Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon an Kura INN is also here.