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YAKAGEYA Restaurant

YAKAGEYA Main Building Japanese Restaurant "Kachofugetsu" by YAKAGEYA Main Building Restaurant "Kachofugetsu", Taveruna 44 of the Italian in the annex, there is a sushi kaiseki cuisine Yurari in Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon

Main building "Kachofugetsu", enjoy the cuisine of Setouchi boasts

YAKAGEYA Main Building the Restaurant "Kachofugetsu" of the YAKAGEYA Main Building,

You can enjoy Japanese cuisine using Setouchi seafood and local vegetables.
  • Kaiseki Meal Course

    Bamboo kaiseki course 5,400 yen
    Seasonal Kaiseki course ¥ 7,020
    Beginner's cuisine cooking course 5,400 yen
    The contents are subject to change according to the season.

    It may not be available at charter banquets etc.Please confirm by telephone in advance.
    There is a private room for 10 to 30 people. Please contact us by phone for more information.
    • Japanese Kaiseki Meal

      Kaiseki Meal

      Kaiseki course using various ingredients for each season in Setouchi
      ¥ 5,400 including tax
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Lunch

    ~2019 spring lunch menu~
    Lunch at the Shukubamachi, 1,700 yen, ※Tempura is a separate note + 600 yen
      Seasonal cooking
      grilled fish, small bowl, Dish of vinegar
      sashimi, Replacement bowl
      Savory egg custard
      rice, Soup, Pickled Vegetables

    Tempura Gyoen, ¥ 1,800
      small bowl
      Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Steak
      rice, Soup, Pickled Vegetables
    Steak set menu, ¥ 2,800
      small bowl
      Assorted tempura
      rice, Soup, Pickled Vegetables
    • Lunch at the Shukubamachi

      ¥ 1,700 including tax
      Period available:
      Lunch only
  • Other dishes

    "Kachofugetsu Shukubamachi Set Meal" offered at "Shukubamachi Set Meal Kachofugetsu" night club
    ※The pan will be bespoke, please understand.
     Chowder, ¥ 1,296
     Bisei Pork pot, ¥ 1,296
     Japanese beef sukiyaki, ¥ 1,620
    Both tax included

    • Shukubamachi Set Meal

      ¥ 2,800 including tax
      Period available:
      Dinner only

Warm bath an annex "Taveruna 44"

We are waiting for a wide selection of menus including lunch, course dishes and various drinks.
  • Information on Italian restaurant "Taveruna 44"

    Opening Hours
          Lunch, from 11: 00 to 15: 00 (14: 30 Orderstop)
          Dinner, from 17: 00 until 22: 00 (21: 30 Orderstop)

    Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

    For booking "Taveruna 44", contact here

Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon, Sushi party cuisine "Yurari"

By appointment only, Full-flavored Sushi Party Cooking
  • Information on Sushi Kaiseki "Yurari"

    Restaurant "Yurari" attached to the first floor of Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon for sushi
    You can use it comfortably with a complete reservation system.

    Sushi Kaiseki course, From 3,980 yen, ※The photo is a 5980 yen course image

    Opening Hours
          18:00 to 23:00 (22: 30 Orderstop)

    Regular holiday: Tuesday

    ※Yurari is a perfect reservation system.

    Reservation of "Yurari", inquiries to here