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Notice of Price Revision for "Kachofugetsu" and "Sushi Restaurant Yurari"

Thank you for always using Restaurant "Kachofugetsu" and "Sushi Restaurant Yurari".

In recent years, raw material prices have continued to soar,
The cost burden such as purchasing ingredients and utility bills is getting bigger than before.
We have taken various measures to maintain the price at our inn,
It became difficult to maintain the current price system.
Therefore, although it is very reluctant, from January 2023
We have revised the price of some dishes.
Example:Kaiseki cuisine 5,500 yen → 6,600 yen
Thank you for your understanding.

Main building "Kachofugetsu", enjoy the cuisine of Setouchi boasts

YAKAGEYA Main Building the Restaurant "Kachofugetsu" YAKAGEYA Main Building Restaurant "Kachofugetsu"

You can enjoy Japanese cuisine using Setouchi seafood and local vegetables.
  • Kaiseki Meal Course(Day and night)

    Kaiseki course                From 6,600 yen
    Seasonal kaiseki course              From 9,350 yen
    Legal Kaiseki course               From 6,600 yen
    ※Including tax
    The contents are subject to change according to the season.

    It may not be available at charter banquets etc.Please confirm by telephone in advance.
    There is a private room for 10 to 30 people. Please contact us by phone for more information.
  • Lunch(Lunch section)

    【Lunch at the hostel】 ¥ 1,800 
      Two small bowls
      Local vegetable salad
      Today's sashimi
      Seasonal cooking
      Grilled Dish
      Assorted tempura

    ※Please make a reservation for lunch by noon the day before.
    Please understand that if you come to the store on the day without a reservation, we may refuse depending on the congestion situation and the number of people.
  • Information on legal requirements

    We welcome you with seasonal ingredients and sincere hospitality.
    Kaiseki cuisine:From 6,600 yen

    Currently, it is difficult for relatives to gather for meals
    It is also possible to provide a Buddhist memorial service pack meal for take-out.
    Buddhist memorial service pack set:From 6,600 yen
    ※We do not deliver.It will be handed over at YAKAGEYA Main Building"Kacho Kachofugetsu" on the day.

Warm-bathing annex "Samu-cho Italian of Yakukake Post town"

We are waiting for a wide selection of menus including lunch, course dishes and various drinks.
  • Information for "Yukike Yabuage in Yadocho"

    Opening Hours
          Lunch, from 11: 00 to 15: 00 (14: 30 Orderstop)
          Dinner, from 17: 00 until 22: 00 (21: 30 Orderstop)

    Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

    "Samurai Italian in Samurai Italian" is a tenant, so please make a reservation or contact us for inquiries.

Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon Sushi Restaurant"Yurari"

By appointment only, Full-flavored Sushi Party Cooking
  • Information on Sushi Kaiseki "Yurari"

    Restaurant "Yurari" attached to the first floor of Bitchu-Ya Nagae-mon for sushi
    In the evening, you can relax and use the reservation system.

    Lunch Hime Gozen 1,500 yen Hime Gozen (with sushi) 1,900 yen
    Dinner Sushi kaiseki course from 6,600 yen 
    Opening Hours
          11:00 to 14:00 (13: 30 Orderstop)
          From 18:00 to 20:30(20:00 Order stop)

    Regular holiday: Tuesday

    Reservation of "Yurari", inquiries to here